Gender Inequality in the Workplaces(LS-RS-212)-Worksheet

  1. Look at Europeana pictures about women and men at work.

2. Brainstorming-Key concepts: 1. Unequal pay, 2. Glass ceiling, 3. Sticky floor and 4. Sexual harassment) Women and men in your internship posts: Social work and jobs connected to community services.

3. In groups of two or three, discuss: Do you know that in ancient Sumer, women and men had the same rights and privileges in both society and commerce? When did inequality start? Have a look at: The Ascent of woman(BBC article) What happens at work? Look at the jobs women and men do.

4. Now, in groups, you have to do some research about workplace equality related to:employment access(invisible door), wage gap,women and men in social work, household andpolitical power

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